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~ my version of the rosaries ~
During my own awareness I added to rosaries my own text there, removed something that didn’t resonate anymore, lifted the whole text vibrationally for myself and my awareness, cause it’s our responsibility to our higher being (higher self, God) that we choose to speak , create by the power of the spoken word
Rosary to above the past: on rus
A quantum version of the rosary of the east and west of Mother Mary: on rus
Quantum Rosary of Infinite Light. Harmonization of yourself and your whole life english version: 
It should be noted that the basis of this rosary was taken from the rosary of the infinite light of Mother Mary, but one paragraph remained from the original
It begins with the harmonization of ourselves, thin bodies, quantum, and ends with the harmonization of life circumstances, because they are a continuation of us quantum
* I’ll also add that here, as in any deed -  the most important thing that matters is not what we do, but HOW, with what ATTITUDE we do it, with what worldview, understanding of processes, etc. therefore, I will add here a few explanations to this rosary:
1 - understanding what written in the first line - EVERYTHING ALREADY IS LIGHT FROM THE BEGINNING, this initial light is overshadowed by illusion, maya, but is overshadowed by illusion, anyway nothing can affect it.
that is, this light does not need to be brought in, it IS ALREADY
2 - about quantumness that we everywhere and always and in everything regardless of whether the mind believes in it or not, therefore, we read on the basis of this Isness, where I write there "every cell, molecule, atom, atomic nucleus, electron proton neutron quark , the fermion and boson of my being" - it captures the whole world. literally all. I am. all. what is. it's me.
3 - and of course, what happens in me and creates [...] because it doesn’t matter what kind of phenomenon we singled out by perception, it’s possible to change it only from within
and 4 - that we simply give to the higher self freedom, the will to act through us, so that in the best way, according to our highest will and benefit, to manifest this initial light in this [whatever it is] and remain in it as being mySelf, true, real, omnipresent, Love, goodness, etc. in general, how not to distort yourSelf anymore seemingly illusory in this, how not to create these illusory imbalances, because the conscious mind usually has no idea what the reason is, therefore, we simply allow our Higher Self, God, Isness, the Absolute, to act through us, dropping the mind trusting God to do what is good for us.
With love ~

~my audio recordings of rosaries~

Quantum Rosary of Infinite Light and Love OF Mother Mary11


Rosary for cleansing the heart'2011

rosary of creative free will '11


rosary for peace on earth'11

rosary to restore self-love'11


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